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Take Off
Missed Approach

1st Flight conducted 2 Sep 06 at 730 at Lee's Summit, MO Airport. Only one issue was
that I had to hold some right aileron to keep the wings level so I will be adding a trim tab.
The engine sounded and felt good. All temps were good. I took off and circled the airport
up to 4000 feet (3000 feet AGL). Due to unexpected clouds I did not go any higher or
do the pre-stall series I had planned to fly on the test card.  I wiggled the tail, wings, and
nose and got a good feel for her before I descended to land.  I circled down and did one
missed approach and then nailed a pretty good landing on the second try.  I did see 120
mph on the 1st flight but intentionally keep the speed below that on the 1st flight.   My
brothers were on hand and so was a chase plane from EAA Chapter 91 to make sure
everything went as planned..





My flight testing is based on programs I copied from other individuals or web sites. I
adapting them to my specific plane. I figure I better give credit where credit is due.

Test Cards for taxi testing and 1st flight. (Based on Rick Junkins flight test plan.)
Test Cards for post 1st flight. (these are adapted from Vans flight test card set).

Flight Test Report 2nd and 3rd Flight
Flight Test Update 4 Sep
Excel Spreadsheet for GPS/airspeed accuracy check
Flight Test Update 6 Sep
Flight Test Update 16 Sep
Flight Testing Wrap-up

Summary of results.  Max speed at WOT is 140 mph at 3400 rpm and 2000 feet. Cruise
speed 120 mph at 6500 feet 3000-3200 rpm.  Climb rate 800 fpm single passenger,
500-600 fpm for two on board.  Stall speed is 50 mph. At cruise the engine is showing
140-160 oil temp, 275 CHT, 1200 EGT.  Good stability in all phases of flight.

Flying Photos taken 15 Sep 06 by Bob Gurski

Flight Testing

On the Ramp - 1st Flight 2 Sep 06