KR2-S Finishing.
Started in October of 2003 completed in Aug 2006. This was a much longer
process than anticipated, primarily sanding and filling plus many misc tasks were
Sand and Fill work being completed on the forward deck. Forward deck is
completely removable with screws used to attach at the firewall and sides.
Cabin Heat Box scratch made and mounted on the Firewall.
Engine Baffling being
installed. I used the Great
ins templates as the
basis for the installation.
Cabin ventilation
being installed in
the canopy frame.
I've seen many
types of
installations, but in
the flying aircraft
I've been in, this
location was the
most effective.
This is the NACA
design from Tony
Binglies Book
using Autocad to
create a template.
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Initial engine testing July 04.  Good
success. Revmaster Engine was rebuilt
with new cylinders and pistons. Started
up immediately and runs smooth up to
2000 rpm, with no oil leaks so far. I've
got fairly high Oil Pressure (75 psi) but
great temps (300 CHT, 130 Oil Temp)
running with the cowling off. Only
serious issue I had was that the Tiny
Tach did not work with the Mag spark
plug lines, so I replaced it with a
Westach unit and a seperate hour
meter, this worked great.

Additonal Engine testing has
completed.  All done without the
cowling installed. I've gotten RPM up
to 3100 RPM static.  Oil Press now
down to 60 psi. CHT still max at 300,
EGT at 1200. Looks and sounds good.
Video of Engine Test Run
ELT Installed Behind Seat
Finally got the finish good enough for KR work.  White Primer applied.  I plan on getting the
plane certified with just primer and hope to paint it next year.  I used Z-Spar Undercoat #105.
It is an enamel boat paint designed for wood and fiberglass available locally at Boaters World.
I applied with a 4 inch sponge roller and is sanded with 220 grit for now. Sands very well.